About Unique Infotech

Unique Infotech is a fresh, dynamic IT support company specialising in areas of IT support and managed services. With over 15 years of crucial experience covering a wide range of industries, we offer professional technical support with friendly, reliable and qualified consultants. Our support staff recognise the importance of being proactive in determining potential problems and act swiftly to prevent technical interruptions to your organisation.

At Unique Infotech, we are not just about resolving your immediate IT issues. We look to develop a long-lasting relationship with your organisation, focusing on your individual needs and providing indispensable advice and technical direction. By understanding your market we aim to provide solutions that make a positive difference without the unnecessary stress of impersonal service.

We provide a complete range of IT consulting, technical and support services and have long-standing customers across a wide-range of industries. Our services include IT Consulting and Project Managementadhoc IT support for occassional technical assistance and Managed IT for complete peace of mind.

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