Services & Solutions

Unique Infotech has a long, successful history of offering professional IT support. We offer a wide range of services to small and medium sized organisations.

We provide both onsite and remote IT support services to organisations ranging from one user to 100 users. Our service centre provides technical resources for return-to-base services where onsite support may be impractical.

We understand that all businesses are different and as such their IT needs are unique. Unique Infotech is well aligned to customise a plan that is perfectly suited to an organisation's needs:

  • Our helpdesk based system is used to log all calls and to deliver work summaries to our clients.
  • By outsourcing your IT support to Unique Infotech, you will receive the most efficient, professional, and responsive support available.
  • Unlike many other service providers, our service technicians can assist with both Mac and PC support.

Technology moves quickly and it's good to know Unique Infotech can help you keep your business at the forefront to compete with other organisations that also use IT as a fantastic enabler in their workplaces.


We provide desktop and server IT support throughout all areas of Melbourne. 


Unique Infotech will examine your infrastructure and provide you with the solution that suits all your requirements. A well implemented network increases productivity, and reduces downtime and data loss. Our professional IT consulting services allow businesses of all sizes to have access to expert technical advice. We can also assist larger organisations with shortfalls with their IT departments and helpdesks. We design, implement and manage complex networks, and can provide "on-the-ground" support for organisations with no Melbourne-based IT resources.


Unique Infotech offers a wide range of Adhoc IT support packages for occassional support requirements and Managed IT support packages with scheduled maintenance. We can even bundle print and consumable management into a fixed monthly charge.


Keeping track of various hardware and software that is deployed in an organisation is crucial. Planned asset management allows for software licensing compliance and management of hardware lifecycles. With a documented asset management plan, your organisation will get the most out of their IT investment and ensure there are no software license violations occurring.

Unique Infotech can track models, serial numbers, versions and upgrade and renewal dates on behalf of your company.


Organisations and individuals select Unique Infotech because we offer:

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Single point of contact for all services for your organisation
  • A wide range of services with flexible options
  • Qualified and fully-trained staff
  • Over ten years experience
  • Client data confidentiality guarantee

Desktop Support

Unique Infotech provides professional desktop support services to customers with or without a managed service agreement. Support is available by contacting our help desk between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding Victorian public holidays).

We can provide desktop support for your staff to troubleshoot application errors, assist staff with training and installation and configuration of software. Our desktop support services ensure end-users have access to expert technical resources to assist them with their notebook and desktop workstations - and unlike many service providers, Unique Infotech supports both Mac and PC environments.

Our help desk services for desktop support to assist end-users in resolving basic computer issues. For more complex support cases, we provide remote support to allow our engineers to log onto the end-user's workstation. Our help desk service is an invaluable support tool that allows staff to access expert technical assistance when they need it. As a small, local company, we do not have call centres filtering calls and delaying response times, so you will speak to a support staff member immediately.

The Unique Infotech help desk is available between the hours of 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday, and managed IT customers are provided extended support hours with the flexibility of a call-back service so end users do not have to wait for their issues to be resolved. Additionally, a dedicated account manager will oversee delivery of the managed services to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Our managed IT customers have the advantage of remote support to immediately attend to desktop support issues, scheduled maintenance to keep their systems running optimally and regular system performance testing to identify slow workstations that may need replacing or upgrading.

Standard Operating Environments (SOE)

A Standard Operating Environment (SOE) ensures all workstations, notebooks and tablets in an organisation have the necessary software installed and configured to enable users to be most productive with reduced IT issues. 

Unique Infotech provides comprehensive management of the computing environments of hundreds of organisations. We can customise and roll-out images for PC and Mac desktop and notebook computer systems. An organisation can greatly reduce their support costs and turn-around for new system rollouts using images that have had the operating system and software installed, applications configured and settings customised for its end-users.

We provide environment standardisation services to configure a standard operating environment (SOE) on all workstations in an organisation A standard software installation set assists with software licensing, simplifies support and maintenance and consequently the reliability of the computers.

Once customised and a Managed IT support plan has been initiated, the workstations in an organisation are locked down to prevent unauthorised changes and ensure maximum uptime with reduced instances of support. As regular users, software and malware (such as viruses) are not permitted to make changes to the operating environments, the systems remain reliable as the integrity of the configuration is not compromised.

Backup Management

Unique Infotech proactively protects our Managed IT clients data using a wide variety of backup solutions. Our customers enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their important company information is secure and accessible at all times.

Backups and the management of a server's backup systems are essential to protect an organisation's data in the event of theft or damage caused by fire or flood. Unique Infotech will ensure regular full, incremental or differential backups are being completed successfully, the media is kept safe, and the data is able to be restored as quickly as possible if required in the event of a disaster.

Unique Infotech provides backup strategies based on local and offsite (tape or hard disk) and the latest online backup solutions. By ensuring the backup solution is managed correctly, organisations can avoid exposing themselves to unneccesary risk.

If historic data is required, archiving non-current company data can be achieved and consolidated for quick and easy access.

Obtaining Remote Support

Unique Infotech provides professional remote support services to connect to our clients' workstations and servers and assist them with immediate, professional technical support.

Free Consultation

  • Ready to engage Unique Infotech? Contact us today on (03) 9419 3396 to organise an onsite consultation to talk about your organisation's IT.

    During the consultation, we'll discuss your business and business objectives, workflow and evaluate your current IT systems and issues. After assessment we will provide important recommendations to improve the reliabilty and security of your IT, increase productivity and collaboration and reduce expenses.